06 February 2023

Between back-to-back meetings, endless emails and responsibilities outside of work, finding the time to think about the next step in your career can feel impossible.

This is why at Carys Mills Consulting, we work closely with our candidates as Progression Partners to make the process of job hunting as painless as possible.

What is a Progression Partner you might ask? And what makes it different from regular recruiters?

Progression Partners

Aside from the fancy name, being a Progression Partner means that we work collaboratively with our candidates and clients to ensure the best match every time. We don’t believe in shoe-horning candidates into roles that aren’t right for them, or bullying them through the process when it isn’t the right time. Instead, we take the time to understand each of our candidates want, needs and aspirations to ensure that we can assist them in the best way possible.

This doesn’t always mean putting them through the application process. As industry-insider experts in the healthcare communications sector, we pride ourselves on being able to provide market insight which traditional recruitment firms would keep close to their chest. For example, if you’re unsure about where your skillsets sit in the current market, we’ll happily talk through the specifics of your role and bench mark it against industry standards.

We focus on empowering our candidates to make the best decisions for them; a process which has continuously ensured that- when we do place candidates with our clients- they are the best fit possible.


Another way that we do this is through our application process. We work with you to edit your CV and profile to help you highlight your pre-existing skills to our clients in the best way possible, and we never make changes to your profile without consulting you first. In this way we are able to represent candidates to our clients in a way which both emphasises their talents and truly represents the candidate in the way that they want to be seen.

By working with our candidates in this way, we are able to form long-lasting relationships based in trust and mutual support. We want to see our candidates succeed, and will work with candidates multiple times throughout their career progression journey to ensure that they continue to find the best fit for them along the way.

As a result of this process, we also have a fantastic relationship with our clients in the healthcare communication sector. By taking the time to understand the kind of environment our candidates flourish in, we not only ensure the best-culture fit for them, but also the longevity of their placement with our clients.

Whether working with a creative or high-science agency, we know that each client is unique with their own values, work-styles and benefits, all of which are as important to the candidate as they are to the client.

Industry Knowledge

Importantly, we also provide a wealth of insider industry knowledge in medical communications. With our teams of specialised talent resources, we intimately understand the variety of roles and progression pathways available to our candidates, and as a result are able to offer sound, market-appropriate advice about the opportunities we have. With decades of combined experience, we offer our candidates an in-depth understanding of the ins-and- outs of every role, from technical specifications to must-have qualifications and expertise.

Why us?

Our team of dedicated consultants specialise in working to match candidates with clients who reciprocate their values and meet their expectations. We continually focus on candidate aspirations to ensure that we find the best overall fit across a range of disciplines and seniority-levels throughout the healthcare communications sector.

Whether you’re actively seeking a new role, interested in hearing about our current opportunities, or just want to know where your skillsets sit in the current market, we’d love to hear from you. And if now isn’t the right time for you but you know someone who could be interested, point them in our direction. We offer a £1000 referral fee (per successful placement) as a “thank you”!

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