02 May 2024

It's no secret that (both in healthcare communications and beyond) the market is flooded with people looking for a new role. In times like this, it's natural to think that there is no need to utilise a search consultancy; why pay for a service when there are candidates practically begging to be considered? However, working with a Search Consultancy can ensure can ensure that your time and efforts are not spent wading through an endless supply of "tick box" CVs, and can instead offer a direct route to carefully curated top talent that is relevant to you.


Just because there is a lot of talent floating around in the market, doesn't mean it's the talent you're looking for. The available candidate isn't always the right candidate, and partnering with a search consultancy means you won't have to spend precious time wading through a plethora of CVs and profiles that simply aren't relevant.

Search consultants are also able to ensure that- when a CV does reach your desk- it's of the highest possible quality and relevancy. At CM Consulting, 85% of our submitted profiles progress through the interview process, as our rigorous screening makes sure that candidates not only meet the necessary criteria for the role, but also are a match for an agency's existing culture and team.

This benefit extends beyond the immediate perk of having to spend less time sorting through candidates, as it also ensure the suitability and longevity of a placement. Whilst traditional recruitment agencies will focus solely on ticking the boxes needed for each role, an executive search service will have an intimate understanding of your agency's brand, culture and voice, and as such will carefully pre-screen candidates to identify new talent that will merge well within the existing team.

If you're interested in finding out how an executive search consultancy can support your needs, reach out to our team at CM Consulting today. 

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