22 April 2024

With the latest reports suggesting that UK job vacancies have fallen to a three year low, it's no wonder that so many working professionals are struggling to find new roles. The news that vacancies are few and far between isn't exactly surprising for those who have been trying to navigate the market for a while now; the market is flooded with well-qualified and experienced people all jostling for the few roles available, and these high levels of competition see many talented individuals missing out on their dream role simply because they didn't get there fast enough. Can we expect the job market to change in the coming months? What can we do to push our profiles forward and ensure that we don't fall to the weyside?


The market at present

Though we operate in the healthcare communications sector, it's apparent that the lack of vacancies casts a much wider shadow across the UK job market as a whole. Southern England is reportedly especially impacted, experiencing the steepest declines in vacancies across sectors. Many had assumed that the market would recover, but with the latest figures on the UK's recession, Reed Recruitment noted that any potential bounce back would be "tepid". If the job market is anticipated to remain sparse, industry talent must adapt to ensure that they can stand out in a saturated market.

Take a look at our 3 point checklist below to make sure that your profile stands out amidst the masses.

1. Upskill
Taking the time to broaden and expand upon your existing skillset is time well spent in a market flooded with competition. Revisit your CV and indentify areas for improvement, be it completing refresher courses on existing skills or investing in training up on new technologies. Be sure to ask your current employer if they have a training budget for their employees, and make the most of existing opportunities to attend training days, seminars or networking events.

2. Connect
Even when not considering an immediate move, continuing to make connections in the sector is a great way to ensure that you have pre-established relationships which can support you when you begin to explore your chosen market. Whether it's establishing a line of contact with search partners, or reaching out to old colleagues, it's never "the wrong time" to reinforce relationships that could support you should you wish to begin exploring your options.

3. Optimise
Even if you're not actively considering a move, we recommend ensuring that your CV is up-to-date and effectively highlights the skills that are key to the types of roles you wish to progress into. As Search Consultants, we offer advice and guidance on how best to tailor your CV to individual roles, and often we see candidates with exceptional levels of experience who don't utilise their CV to the emphasise their relevant skillsets. Of course, it's always a good idea to tailor your CV for each role as they arise, but taking into consideration which experience to prioritise and expand upon in your profile can fast-track your application process, ensuring that you stay one step ahead of the competition.

At CM Consulting, we're here to support you at whatever stage of your job search. We welcome new connections, and even if now doesn't feel like the right time to consider a change, we're always happy to begin a relationship that can offer help, advice and opportunity when the time is right for you.

To find out more about our live roles, or to set up a call with our team, reach out today.

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