09 May 2024

Publications can be divisive: you either seem to love them or hate them. There's nothing wrong with having a preference, but you shouldn't let other people's biases put you off giving them a go for yourself.

Publications is often stereotyped as being "boring" or "less creative" than other aspects of healthcare communications. However, working with publications/publications plans provides the opportunity to have key input into the development of the medical strategy and requires a stringent review of the the competitor landscape.

 Your Thoughts

In our latest poll, we asked our extensive healthcare communications network how key they felt publications experience is, regardless of whether or not they enjoy it. Out of nearly 200 voters, 52% said that they both enjoy publications and consider it to be essential experience for a well-rounded healthcare communications professional. Interestingly, the second highest percentage of votes (27%) belonged to those who don't enjoy publications, but still consider it to be essential. Perhaps "marmite" isn't the best analogy at all, as even those who dislike it can see its merits.

Our perspective

From our perspective as search consultants, we sometimes see publications as undervalued and over criticized. Due to their 'perception' or a brief period working on publications, many will dismiss the idea of working in a publications heavy role or account on the basis that they assume it will boring in comparison to the more medical affairs and creative, digital offerings. However, over an extended period of time and with exposure to the development strategic publication plans their value becomes more apparent.

Publications work can be a fantastic fit for individuals with a tendency to prefer large 'units' of work and maybe more to individuals that have a methodical and analytical approach: working on publications accounts gives many the opportunity to remain close to the data at the heart of the development process. So in a nutshell, publications is not as one-note as many believe it to be. Publications work is much broader than many anticipate, delving deep into the clinical trial data and key to underpinning the medical strategy of a product.


Want to know more about what a career in publications might look like? Our team of consultants are on-hand to offer candid advice on how best to actualise your goals as a healthcare communications professional.

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